Why wont my lock program? ("Please swipe a card..." never goes away)


The reader could be dirty or bad or the cable that plugs into the bottom of the lock could be bad.

Take the PDA/Netbook and the programming cables to another lock and try to program it. If it works then the cable is good if it doesn't take programming, you need to replace the cable.

If it does work: go back to the lock that wont program, take it off the door and when B.A.S.I.S Transport prompts “Please Swipe a card…” press the override button on the circuit board, this will take place of swiping a card. If data transfers then try to use your card to gain access. If it still does not work, try cleaning the magnetic swipe on the reader with alcohol cleaning cards. If this doesn't fix the problem then you may need a new reader.

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Additional Information

- The programming cable part number is "BASDCAB"
- The part number for the alcohol cleaning cards is "VPDCLN"

Below is a list of part numbers for replacement reader bezels.

Part #                                       
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