BEST Throw Members

Below is a table with the BEST Throw Members. Click here to download a PDF version of this FAQ. 

9K/8K Standard Throw Member, p/n B54200 (Approx. 1.662” overall length

9K/8K Standard Throw Member, p/n B54200 (Approx. 1.662” overall length)

9K Hotel (HJ) Throw Member, p/n A55696

6 Pin Spacer, p/n A06831

9K NON IC Throw Member for Sargent & Yale Cores.  P/n B55709

9K NON IC Throw Member for Schlage, Corbin, KA, KD and OB Cores.  P/n A55708

9K NON IC Throw Member for Medeco Cores.  P/n A55712

9K Throw Member Support Ring for NON IC Cores.  P/n A55713

9K Lever Handle Insert for NON IC Cores.  P/n C55714

7KC Standard Throw Member, p/n B56165 (Approx. 1.320" overall length)

7KC NON IC Throw Member, Ilco/Schlage Standard NON IC

7KC Lever Insert, NON IC.  P/n A56170

6K Throw Member, Current, p/n 73125559S (Approx. 1.900" overall length)

6K Throw Member, 2nd Gen, Discontinued

6K Throw Member, 1st Gen, Discontinued

5K Throw Member, I/C, A, D & R functions.  p/n 71923067S





5K NON IC Throw Member, D function.  P/n 71923109S

5K NON IC Throw Member, A & R functions.  P/n 71923025S

B Series Throw Member, Key Retained.  P/n A26177 

 B Series Throw Member, Non-Key Retained.  P/n A26185

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